The Perfect Panini

For me, there’s no sandwich better in the world than a rockin’ panini.  That savory, crisp exterior with a succulent, warm, gooey, cheesy inside beats a cold sandwich any day of the week.

We all strive to be able to reproduce that wonderful panini that we get at gourmet sandwich shops at home.   Well, it isn’t that difficult to do, and here is one recipe for a deliciously perfect panini that’s easy to make.


This isn’t a crazy recipe.  It’s simply a delicious one that involves ingredients that are found on common panini you’d order at a shop.  Basically, chicken or turkey, cheese, tomato, greens, and a yummy sauce all on fresh bread.

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Crispy Orange-Ginger Chicken with Pickled Diakon & Carrots and Cucumber Kimchi

I’ve finally recovered from the holidays.  I had a wonderful holiday season, but I’ve been baked-out (in the culinary sense) and sick, and now I’m back in the game!

I made this meal last night.  The idea started with craving some pickled carrots.  That might sound like an odd craving, but they are quite tasty if you haven’t had them.  Chicken was on sale at the grocery store, and I love an orange-ginger glaze on chicken when I’m going Asian.  Cucumber Kimchi (oi sobagi) was sounding rather yummy, too.

I was cooking for Christina (my gf) and my mom.  The latter of whom can have a picky palate, particularly when it comes to vegetables and spice, so I’m often restricted in my options for dinner with her.  Naturally, I like to push her to try new things, though, which with this included the pickled veg.

Much to my surprise, my mom actually loved the dish, particularly the pickled bits!  That’s a rare result, and I do think this dish turned out quite well, so I think it’s a good one to share with you all after the holiday break.

With Cucumber Kimchi and pickled daikon & carrots

While at the grocery store, they actually had daikon radish, which I absolutely love pickled, so I picked that up, too.  Continue reading