I'm the tall one

So what’s different about this food blog?

I’m glad you’re wondering.  This is a food blog aimed to fit the life of the young-adult who’s a casual cook like me.  I like to experiment in the kitchen, but meals I cook must also be convenient.  We in our twenties have tight budgets and not much time to spend making every little thing from scratch with hours or days of preparation.  Cooking needs to be fun for you!  It shouldn’t feel complicated or wear you out.

I also love design.  This is evidenced by my photos of food.  In fact, what prompted me to start this blog is the wonderful feedback I received from the pictures of home-cooked meals I posted on a tech forum.  I always put thought into plating my dishes while cooking them.  Combine that with a capable camera and what you get is drool-worthy eye candy of the edible type.  The simple fact is that everyone wants to eat great-looking food.  Well, you easily can!

My cooking style involves a lot of improvisation based on personal taste, time, convenience, available food, and available tools in the kitchen.  I don’t have much fancy kitchen equipment, and if you’re my age, then chances are you don’t either.  Being a mechanical engineering student and an ex-soldier in the Army, resourcefulness with supplies at hand is built into me.  No corkscrew to open a bottle of wine? No problem.  An actual screw works just as well.  But I do appreciate a quality tool, and I love gadgets, so I do dabble in kitchenware as the budget allows.

Speaking of budgets, mine’s quite strict at the moment, as I was recently laid off and it’s the holidays.  The plus side is I have time to sit down and get this blog up and running.

To end this page on a better note, there is one more thing about me you should know.  I’m not going to share food with you that I don’t think tastes good.  That may be a given, but more importantly, I’m not going to drench food in fat or salt to make it taste better.  Nope.  You’re welcome to do so if it pleases you, but I prefer to let the food’s natural flavors shine, and it makes me feel better to eat a more healthful meal.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy what I have to share!




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